Placenta Encapsulation


Women who take placenta capsules report fewer emotional issues, have more energy and tend to enjoy a faster, more pleasant postpartum recovery.  Placenta capsules are traditionally used to help:


• Balance your hormones

• Enhance your milk supply

• Increase your energy


There are many ways to prepare your placenta for ingestion. Some women feel comfortable putting placenta in a smoothie, or creating a special recipe for it. Some women consume it raw. These methods will work, but they limit the length of time you are able to utilize the benefits of placenta to a matter of days.  With placenta encapsulation, the placenta is dried, ground, and encapsulated. The capsules can then be taken daily for a number of weeks. You reap all of the healthful benefits of placenta quickly, easily and discreetly, and the capsules will last indefinitely (for years). When you have recovered from childbirth, you can freeze the remaining capsules and save them for a stressful time, such as returning to work or menopause. 


The cost for encapsulation is $300.  
The entire service is done in your home. Your placenta must be refrigerated within the first 12 hours of birth, preferably kept on ice until then, and either encapsulated or frozen by 72 hours after birth.




Why Encapsulate at home?


You may be thinking that you have enough going on in your home and you'd prefer to have your placenta encapsulated in someone else's home.  Let me leave you with these thoughts first.


  • When I come to your home, you can choose to watch all or any of the process.  You will know where your placenta is at all times.  Your placenta will not get mixed up with anyone else's placenta.  You can be sure that it is properly refrigerated, cleaned and stored.

  • You can see how thoroughly I clean everything - for your safety, the safety of my other clients and my safety.

  • Like it or not, your home is filled with your bacteria.  My home is filled with my bacteria, and the bacteria of my family.  The good news is, you are accustomed to your bacteria.  Your new baby's immune system is getting used to your bacteria with your help - through breastfeeding and cuddling. Why bring my family's bacteria into your home?

  • I bring all of my own sterilized equipment.  Your placenta will not touch any of your own dishes.  I will use your sink, stovetop and a counter that I thoroughly clean before leaving.  Your kitchen will look cleaner after I've left than it was when I walked in the door.  (Please don't clean for me!  You have a really important little person to be taking care of!)  I can work in any size kitchen - no Bay Area kitchen is too small.

  • I will be as available or as invisible as you choose.  You can ask me questions and watch the whole process, or you can stay in bed, bonding with your baby.  I'm more than happy to explain what I am doing, but it is not necessary to treat me as a guest.  I can quietly come in, do my work, and leave without interrupting this magical time with your new family.





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